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5 tips this Autumn to Protect Your Oral Health in Andover & Whitchurch

Autumn is filled with abundant traps for your oral health. We love to enjoy our hot drinks like tea, coffee and soups during this colourful season but need to protect our teeth while enjoying these drinks and any sugary treats.

It is no secret that coffee, tea and sticky candy often cling to our teeth, increasing the likelihood of discolouration and cavities. Dental Concepts can provide you some useful tips to follow this autumn to maintain your oral health, so you can fully enjoy the colors of autumn with a happy smile.

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Skin Care Tips To Give You A Natural Glow This Winter

Do you find the cold winter weather harsh on your face? Read 11 skincare tips to give you a natural glow from a skin expert at Dental Concepts in Andover, Hampshire

Feeling confident and self-assured really matters when it comes to meeting people. The clothes we wear, shoes and make up all go a long way to help boost that essential feel good factor. Our skin plays an important role in this too. So it’s important that we look after it properly to maintain its natural, healthy glow.

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Could a smile makeover help kick start your love life?

Could a Smile Makeover Help Kick Start Your Love Life?

If your love-life is lacklustre it is easy to begin losing self-confidence, to wonder if your personality is lacking, but perhaps there is another reason why you’re not having any luck. Have you taken a look at your smile recently?

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