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    Smiles at Dental Concepts

    We are really proud and privileged to have changed some many lives and more at Dental Concepts. Enhancing your smile not only helps look better, it has a massive effect on your confidence and social outlook. Of course, you can eat better too! 😊

    We follow the A-B-C-D protocol in dental treatments

    We always treat our patients like family, view the treatments, and smile stories for your straight, clean and bright smile



    Teeth straightening involves aligning teeth in the proper position. We use the latest technology available to align teeth called Invisalign. These are discreet, effective and removable. Click below to learn more about the treatment and Tara Howard’s story to a Straight Beautiful smileRead More »


    Brighten your teeth with professional teeth whitening systems available. Choose from Home and Premium Teeth Whitening. Sarah Ali Choudhury, famously known as the Curry Queen, talks about her experience. Click below to learn more about the treatment and Sarah’s smile story to a Bright Beautiful SmileRead More »


    Changing the shape and size of the teeth is best achieved by using porcelain/ceramic veneers. They are long lasting and one of the best ways to enhance your smile. Stephanie Stevenson, Entrepreneur and Owner of HNB Salon & Spa explains her experience. Click below to learn more about the treatment and Stephanie’s smile story to a Natural Beautiful SmileRead More »

    Dental Implants

    Dental Implant treatments are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth and the closest you can get to replace a tooth root. These titanium posts can replace few teeth or even help stabilize your complete dentures to provide a more fixed and permanent option. Graham talks about his treatment experience to getting a fixed option which not only helps in eating but also has a massive effect on your confidence. Click below to learn more about the treatment and Graham’s story to replacing missing teeth.Read More »


    We understand that problems relating to your teeth and gums can happen anytime and anywhere. The discomfort from these problems can be really bad and can cause sleepless nights and time off work. We make sure we have some emergency slots for patients every day, so we can try and help you to become more comfortable before we book a proper treatment appointment. Click below to learn about our emergency treatments and Lisa sharing her experience at our practice.Read More »

    Follow Up

    Follow-up of our patients is a vital part of the patient experience in our practice as it is important to maintain what work has been done and prevent any major dental concerns coming up in the future. You can now become exclusive members of our practice for as low as £11.50 per month and get your annual hygiene and comprehensive check-up included. There are loads of other benefits as well. Click below to Read more…Read More »

    General Dentistry

    We provide NHS and Independent dental treatments at our practices. NHS is only available at the Whitchurch practice. We have an exclusive Membership option for our independent patients who can spread the cost of their check up and hygiene treatment over the year and benefit from the several amazing offers like discounts on treatments, discount cards for local businesses and much more. We call this TLC Membership. Click below to learn more about the treatments available and memberships at Dental Concepts. Jen McElhinney, talks about her experience being a member of the practiceRead More »


    We have dedicated Dental Hygienists who make sure you are looking after your teeth with regular hygiene treatment sessions at the practices. There are special membership plan where you can spread the cost of the sessions needed over the year, so you can keep your oral hygiene up to date. Click below to learn why oral hygiene is important to you and various options available.Read More »


    Dental Concepts has a state-of-the-art dental treatment centre in Mumbai, India which offers all the dental treatments under one roof with the latest in dental technology and skilled clinicians. Dental tourism is offered to patients who would like to get that treatment done at about 60% of the cost in the UK with the peace of mind of initial diagnosis, treatment planning, payments and aftercare in the UK. Click below to learn more about this very exciting option to travel to India.Read More »

    See Your New Smile Now - In 60 Seconds

    If you have been thinking about getting a new enhanced confident smile, you can now have a ‘test drive’. Click on the button below and take a Selfie to start your 60 second SmileView Experience. You can then come for a suitability assessment with our coordinator to get all the details, treatment plan and investment. You can also go for an actual 3d test drive in your mouth before committing to any treatment.

    Begin with the End in mind!

    Minor Oral Surgery

    We offer Minor Oral Surgery treatments to all our patients with in house excellent oral surgeons who will look after you in case of any difficult extractions, dentist referrals, and other oral surgical procedures. Call us on the number 07816 336992 to book your appointment. If you are already referred to us, you can now book your appointment online by clicking on the link below

    Choose an Existing Patient option and then select Minor Oral Surgery from the dropdown in the Reason section

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