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Dealing With The Corona Virus – Our Practice Policy

The Corona Virus (Covid 19) has now affected about 110 countries in the world.  We as a dental practice take the wellbeing of our patients very seriously and have a few policies in place to offer the best standards of patient care without creating an atmosphere of panic.

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4 Tricks To Avoid A Cavity Under Your Christmas Tree This Year

Who doesn’t love Christmas? For many it’s one of their favourite times of the year! Good company, plenty of films on TV and food!

Christmas is used an excuse for pretty much everything, not going to the gym, not being productive and definitely eating absolutely EVERYTHING! Sound familiar? But what it shouldn’t be is an excuse for poor dental hygiene.

Your dental hygiene is important every single day, so we’ve put together 4 top tips to avoiding a cavity under your Christmas tree this year!

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5 tips this Autumn to Protect Your Oral Health in Andover & Whitchurch

Autumn is filled with abundant traps for your oral health. We love to enjoy our hot drinks like tea, coffee and soups during this colourful season but need to protect our teeth while enjoying these drinks and any sugary treats.

It is no secret that coffee, tea and sticky candy often cling to our teeth, increasing the likelihood of discolouration and cavities. Dental Concepts can provide you some useful tips to follow this autumn to maintain your oral health, so you can fully enjoy the colors of autumn with a happy smile.

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