UV Teeth Whitening





UV Teeth Whitening

Teeth staining or discolouration is a reason why you might consider ultraviolet (UV) teeth whitening. Teeth staining can be caused not only by smoking but also with the food you eat or beverages you consume. Red wine, coffee and tea are the major culprit on teeth discolouration. Ageing can also be a cause for losing the teeth’s translucency.

If you only need one visit to get a bright smile, then we suggest that you try our ultraviolet (UV) teeth whitening. It makes use of a laser with a whitening gel and is also known as laser bleaching. A translucent gel is applied to the teeth that will have a bleaching effect and a laser light is needed to activate the bleaching process.

People around you may immediately notice the sudden change of colour when you avail this procedure. However, the length of time may vary because it will depend on the degree of discolouration that your teeth have.

If you prefer the procedure to be done at home, we suggest that you try our custom fit tray bleaching technique. As the name suggest, a custom fit tray is worn over your teeth. You can use a small amount of bleaching gel which will be placed on the tray and wear the apparatus for a period of time each day. It is easy and most commonly used. We will take your dental impressions and a custom made plastic tray will be provided for you to take home. If you will choose this option, we suggest that you wear one for about one to two hours per day.

Results may vary. Others have it for about couple of days but it usually takes one to two week to see the desired whitening of your teeth. For better results, we recommend that it will be combined with the in-office laser bleaching procedure, especially if you have heavy discolouration or what we call internal teeth staining.

Teeth whitening has been associated not only with hygiene but with beauty and a healthy lifestyle as well. Its aesthetic value is also related to a happier and a more positive outlook and being less self-conscious. A whiter and brighter smile can give you a friendlier and warm appearance. Sparkling white teeth also spells success and we want you to experience it with us.

To assure you of this procedure, the effect of bleaching is backed up by studies that it is completely effective with most people. It can be possible however, that you might experience some temporary side effects such as tooth sensitivity. We can take necessary precautions on that to protect your root surfaces.